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November 2021

An international student who is also an international traveler


Studying overseas means I am also an international traveler. During the internship, I’ve learned so much information, inspiration and insights into life and work. My unedited journal entries: 26th April 2021: I consulted with Iris Huang (the director of the Hibiscus Tree) who recommended LinkedIn Learning to me so that I can hone my technical skills such as customer service as well as food and beverage service. There are also many marketing courses on LinkedIn Learning, so I will study these online programs and improve my technical skills. 3rd May 2021: I consulted with my mentor at university who recommended Marie [...]

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April 2021

Ukraine travel notes that may inspire you


I lived in Ukraine for a year. This experience has given me a different perspective, so I’ve decided to write down my thoughts on this trip today. No matter how life treats you, shifting the perspective makes all the difference. Matthew Hussey once said, “Everyone’s life is painful. You are not alone.” Indeed, we are only human beings, and pain is inevitable in life, but suffering is optional. Moreover, what might appear as a storm to one individual can seem a blessing to another person. Living in Ukraine, I’ve met some new friends who have given me new perspectives in life. [...]

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December 2020

How an international traveler enjoys life


Every year I would make some exciting plans for my birthday. For example, last year I went to the most upmarket restaurant in the city center for my birthday dinner. The service was seriously perfect. This year, I’m planning on going to the beach and having some retail therapy – of course, I might go to the cinema as well! Making these plans makes me very excited and satisfied! Of course, whenever I have more time, I would go overseas because I’m an international traveler. Sleep heals everything. As I see it, sleep is a spiritual practice, so I always make my [...]

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