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September 2022

International travel and my cultural observation


There are two categories when it comes to cultures: 1) high-context culture, e.g., most Asian countries and some Eastern European countries; 2) low-context culture, e.g., most western countries. Therefore, I’d like to talk about my observation during my international trips. International travel observation: In a high-context culture personal relations and goodwill are highly valued, whilst in a low-context culture performance and expertise are highly valued. International travel experts and workplace coaches contend that employees and managers from a high-context culture might focus more on building relationships with each other and maintaining a good reputation in the workplace. That is exactly why [...]

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August 2022

Online entrepreneurs who are international travelers: Avoid these mistakes


If you are starting an online business while being an international traveler, perhaps you are busy building your website, creating content for your social media pages, and learning Internet business strategies. These are all important and necessary, but today I’d like to point out a few things that you should avoid doing as a start-up. Spending too many resources on building fancy websites & sales funnels/buying ads & followers. If you have an established and mature business, yes, you should totally invest in building the most beautiful website in the world, hiring a social media manager, etc. Nonetheless, if your business [...]

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Dear international travelers: Are you a self-help junkie or a switched-on executor?


Lorna Jane is a well-known businesswoman who famously said, “It takes everything to run a successful business.” Similarly, Gary Vaynerchuk once said, “Entrepreneurship is lonely, difficult and stressful. Your employees are not working for you. You are working for your employees.” Having a successful business that allows you to be an international traveler while working on your laptop isn’t an overnight thing. It takes a tremendous amount of time, effort, and resources. It’s hard work. Period. Which type are you? There are many people who want to start their own businesses, so they attend business development seminars, read business books and [...]

Dear international travelers: Are you a self-help junkie or a switched-on executor?2022-08-13T21:57:42+00:00

July 2022

My New Take on International Travel


Today I’d like to discuss my travel observation from down under. Hopefully, you will enjoy reading my international travel journal entries.  More international travel, more wonderful friends: Whenever I’m traveling, I always do social dipping, i.e. breaking into new social groups. This habit has a lot of advantages: Firstly, most people I meet are new people. Even if for one night out I’m just tagging along to a dinner party or a barbecue, I’m exposed to a totally different social circle. If I feel like meeting someone new quickly and having some very enjoyable conversations, this is a great way to [...]

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The international travel diary on business, life and the inner voice


I like listening to my inner voice and I’m happy to share with you my international travel diary. You are welcome. 😉 Thoughts on entrepreneurship, joy, and freedom: The most successful entrepreneurs never rest on their laurels because they don’t want stagnation. They constantly change things up. Three things that will bring you joy today: 1) make a vision board; 2) journal; 3) list five things you are grateful for. A billion likes on social media mean nothing if you don’t like yourself. So, what are you doing to practice self-love today? When people criticize you unfairly and write negative comments [...]

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March 2022

International tourism makes you genuinely happy


Indeed, most people are sitting on the couch and looking at their phones after work. When they are at work, they sit in front of computers and looking at the screen. Lack of movement may lead to poor mental health. Yet international tourism offers a great opportunity to look after your happiness and wellbeing. The reality of youngsters’ mental health status in New Zealand and Australia isn’t ideal. If your children are teenagers, you may want to watch their mental health status because statistics show that smartphones are not good for youngsters’ mental wellbeing. For example, in the jungle you see [...]

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April 2021

The future of tourism in Australia


This hotel is called Inn the Forest. It will be built on Kangaroo Island, South Australia. Inn the Forest is best characterized by three categories: 1) the main wooden building; 2) glamping; 3) an RV campground. Concept Plan Framework If a more detailed analysis is required, Ingram’s 2004 model would be recommended because it is streamlined and straightforward. Inn the Forest is an eco-friendly hotel which will be built in a forest on Kangaroo Island. Because of its highly creative philosophy, this hotel would generate stable revenue. Moreover, customers can walk in nature at any time. They are also able to [...]

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March 2021

International Travel: Live a remarkable life


All regrets are mistakes, but not all mistakes are regrets. By that I mean only when you judge yourself for making a mistake can a mistake become a regret. Bronnie Ware (author of The Top Five Regrets of the Dying) once said, “I know a lady who wanted to travel internationally, but her husband didn’t allow her to do it. After her husband had been sent to a nursing home, she started to travel in her 80s alone. Yet a few weeks later, she was sent to a nursing home as well due to her illness. Not living her life on [...]

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February 2021

Fascinating New Year’s Resolutions from Our International Travel Team


“New Year, New You” sounds like a cliché because it’s everywhere on Instagram this month. Our international travel team shared everyone’s New Year’s resolutions with each other on social media, so I think it’s a good idea to collect some fascinating ideas here. Enjoy! Unusual New Year’s resolutions: Most New Year’s resolutions are common sense – stop eating junk food, start doing exercise, etc. Our team members have some unusual New Year’s resolutions to share with you:     1) Sit less; move more. Dr. Christiane Northrup famously said, “Sitting is the new smoking”. This is absolutely true. Having a sedentary [...]

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Stop playing small: Think big and travel the world


If you play not to lose rather than play to win, you are possibly playing small. Fortunately, there are many ways to stop playing small from now on. Meet the best mentors by traveling the world. Spending lots of time with those who cannot give you the right advice on your future is not the best growth-driven habit. To think big, you must have mentors and coaches who are able to give you helpful advice and valuable feedback. I have traveled the world in order to meet the right mentors for my career. The best mentors are obviously living in different [...]

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