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March 2021

International tourism thoughts: How to start 2021 in the right way


We all know that 2020 was a strange year and I guess 2021 will still be confusing. In order to help everyone to feel better, achieve more and become happier, I’d like to discuss how to start the new year in the right way right now. 😊 2020 reflections: Because of the pandemic, international tourism was paused earlier this year (2020). The good news is in December 2020, scientists in several countries discovered some vaccines for COVID-19. That means when people are able to get the vaccine globally, international tourism will continue. COVID has changed many people’s plans in a dramatic [...]

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April 2020

Stay Home – Stay Safe


Nowadays the whole world is suffering because of COVID-19. We should be understanding and take care of ourselves and our family.   Thanks, Health Heroes for working all the time to keep us safe from the coronavirus. Nurses, midwives, and health workers are on the COVID-19 frontline. Let's show our gratitude by doing our part and following public health advice. All members of a household with a person with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 should: 1. ✅wash ? with soap and water regularly, especially: after coughing or sneezing; before during and after you prepare food; before and after caring for the ill person; 2.  ✅ avoid unnecessary exposure [...]

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