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September 2020

A Good Time Down Under: My International Travel Journal Entries


Previously, I talked about going to Europe. Today I’d like to discuss my travel observation from down under. Hopefully, you will enjoy reading my international travel journal entries. More about Liam, the Australian school boy: I mentioned that when my nephew and I went to Australia, he met a new friend Liam. Now I’m going to share with you something interesting about this school boy who is absolutely intelligent, fascinating and inspiring. Liam’s greatest regret: When Liam was 8 years old, he went to Sydney to spend the summer holidays with his cousin. At that time, he was growing his own [...]

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August 2020

Australian Tourism: The Untold Stories of South Australia


The Australian cities of Sydney, Hobart, Perth, and later Melbourne and Brisbane were all founded with the use of convicts, but Adelaide was different.  South Australia has often been represented as completely different from the other colonies. It was established on rational economic principles, there were no transported convicts, it was more enlightened in its attitudes towards Aboriginal people, and more progressive in its social and political development.  South Australians have taken great pride in their history, especially in the nineteenth century, but this article will explore how different South Australia and Adelaide really is from the rest of Australia. South [...]

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