March 2020

Why Traveling the World Saves Money?


If you live in a western country, you may be surprised when you hear I say that traveling the world actually saves money. I got this conclusion after learning from my friends who have travelled the world, and more importantly, according to my own experience, I know it’s true. When you go to another country, live like a local resident rather than a tourist. In their book Quit Like a Millionaire: No Gimmicks, Luck, Or Trust Fund Required, Bryce Leung and Kristy Shen point out that they literally save money by traveling the world. Here is why: When they go to [...]

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February 2020

Living in Eastern Europe…A Letter to Myself


It is reported that writing is a therapeutic activity. For example, Kate Northrup once said, “Writing is such a joyful activity. I’m glad that I can get paid by writing a journal.” Scott Galloway famously said, “I discovered writing recently. I hope I have discovered this therapeutic activity 30 years ago!” Roosh V also said, “For me, writing is a type of meditation.” Clearly, writing is so beneficial; therefore, today I’m going to write a letter to myself. Although its format doesn’t look like a letter, the content in this article is absolutely a letter to myself & hopefully you will [...]

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November 2019

The real reasons behind the popularity of traveling to Ukraine


The real reasons behind the popularity of traveling to Ukraine Ukraine is a very popular place when it comes to tourism. More exactly, a growing number of overseas visitors are going to Ukraine each year. But why has Ukraine become the fastest growing travel destination in Europe? Ukraine is a very safe country. We all know that many people who pose as “immigrants” and “refugees” are moving to Europe these days, hence the safety issue in many European countries right now. But “immigrants” and “refugees” aren’t moving to Ukraine because Ukraine isn’t a First-World country. Note that those who pose as [...]

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