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March 2022

How to find more time to read books and travel the world


It is said that the fastest way to improve your mindset and have more new ideas is to read books and travel the world. But both activities require time. How can we find more time in life? You are defined by how you spend your time. Everyone needs to keep working on their relationship to time because time is so valuable. Time is the single most valuable asset in everyone’s life. Therefore, how you spend you time, how you save your time and how you maximize your time are all very important. As a result, I used myself as a case [...]

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How to have a fantastic way of life while living in Ukraine


If you decide to go to Ukraine, you might learn a thing or two from seasoned tourists. You can buy your favorite coffee every morning. In western countries, most “financial gurus” tell us not to buy a cup of coffee every morning. Their calculation looks like this: US$3 per coffee per day x 365 days = US$1,095 per year. However, that theory makes financial management so boring and unmotivating. No wonder American money coach Ramit Sethi (author of I Will Teach You to Be Rich) argues that successful financial management should help people stop worrying about whether they can buy coffee [...]

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International tourism makes you genuinely happy


Indeed, most people are sitting on the couch and looking at their phones after work. When they are at work, they sit in front of computers and looking at the screen. Lack of movement may lead to poor mental health. Yet international tourism offers a great opportunity to look after your happiness and wellbeing. The reality of youngsters’ mental health status in New Zealand and Australia isn’t ideal. If your children are teenagers, you may want to watch their mental health status because statistics show that smartphones are not good for youngsters’ mental wellbeing. For example, in the jungle you see [...]

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Western men are going to Ukraine to meet online dating candidates


Ukraine has become the fastest growing travel destination within Europe. International dating websites offer international tours. Reputable international dating sites such as and offer international tours, so their members can visit Ukraine to meet local ladies in Ukraine. These international dating websites have offices in Ukraine and Russia, so they are able to vet female candidates carefully. For instance, only has Ukrainian women and Russian women who are above 25 years old because they believe that mature women are better candidates. Every female candidate must attend a comprehensive interview before they can place their dating profile on the [...]

Western men are going to Ukraine to meet online dating candidates2022-03-07T16:49:26+00:00
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