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February 2022

Living in Ukraine While Being a Lifestyle Entrepreneur


As some of my friends have moved to Eastern Europe and run internet businesses, I’ve learned a thing or two from these successful individuals who know how to leverage the low cost of living in Ukraine while being lifestyle entrepreneurs. Ukraine is the perfect place for online entrepreneurship. In this day and age, the best place to explore entrepreneurship is online. Indeed, the most successful businesses are internet businesses these days, so if you are keen to join the new rich, you shouldn’t miss out on the golden opportunity on the Internet nowadays. My best friend Frank is an internet entrepreneur [...]

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Traveling internationally: the importance of feeling good


It is reported that travel and dancing release more endorphins than any other activity! Get some beauty sleep every night. If you are jet-lagged due to different time zones, you may clean your sheets, iron them and spritz a fragrant and refreshing linen spray on them when this is possible. Nothing beats that feeling of climbing into freshly laundered, crisp bed sheets! Add a drop of lavender and rose essential oil to your sheets or pillow before bedtime. Rose essential oil reduces puffiness in your face and calms your skin; lavender essential oil helps you have restful sleep at night. You [...]

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A Ukraine Travel Agency’s Valuable Insights


Advisors from a Ukraine travel agency have kindly offered their helpful advice on how to improve health and wellbeing while traveling in Ukraine. Without further ado, let’s check it out! Travel reduces cortisol. In modern-day society, many people are highly stressed. Stress increases cortisol which is the stress hormone produced by adrenal glands. Cortisol is a fight-or-flight, life-saving hormone which gets you through acute challenges like danger or infection. It literally changes your physiology in ways that improve short-term survival, e.g. raising blood pressure & increasing heart rate. Cortisol also increases your blood sugar & makes you more alert to give [...]

A Ukraine Travel Agency’s Valuable Insights2022-02-06T09:07:58+00:00
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