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June 2021

Global travel: Why joy is empowering


Europe is my favorite place in the world because it has rich history and culture. Why Europe? First of all, I love Ukraine. This country is absolutely beautiful and its culture is fascinating. Ukrainian people are friendly, warm and helpful. When I was living in Ukraine, I met the best people in the world who have become my close friends. Second, I like Russia. Living in a western country oftentimes means the mainstream news tells us that Russia isn’t that great. But after visiting Russia, I have realized that Russia is actually a wonderful country. It’s modern, chic and very cool. [...]

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A global traveler’s very inspiring story


Most individuals that I spend time with don’t know much about my love life. Nevertheless, now I’ve decided to share my love life and my journey with you on this website about world travel. The love life:   I started my first relationship when I was 16 years old. At that time, I was looking for ‘the right pilot’. If you know Darren Hayes’s song To the Moon and Back, you would understand what I am talking about. I was simply looking for someone that could give me love and fill the void in my life at that time. Because my [...]

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Enjoy global trips as well as sustainable success


I read a book called Do Less, and everything the author writes in the book resonates with me as I was overworking for a long time. Yet since 2011, I have changed my habits and traveled the world. 😊   What my life was like in the past:   Before 2016, I was working extremely hard (too hard). I had three jobs at the same time. I was teaching at three different institutes. I injured my vocal cords and was crying late at night because I didn’t know what to do – I liked that profession, but my voice was not [...]

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Time & energy management for global travelers


As a business owner and world traveler, I’ve met a lot of entrepreneurs who run Internet businesses while traveling the world. As I’m very interested in time and energy management, I’ve summarized the best tips for time and energy management. Time is an asset. Many successful business owners who have achieved financial freedom are able to enjoy life – their businesses have been automated; they make money from investing success. The reason they hire managers and employees to automate their businesses is because they highly value their time. They make passive income from their investment because they want to make money [...]

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A digital nomad’s global travel wisdom


As a digital nomad, I’ve been working for myself for a very long time. Since I run an online business, I don’t have to go to the office every day in order to get my work done – I can simply do everything on my laptop. Therefore, I’ve been a superfan of international travel for more than one decade. Get rid of low-leverage activities. As I am able to travel the world while doing remote work, I have decided not to do the following low-leverage activities: I don’t answer phone calls from unrecognized telephone numbers anymore. This type of phone calls [...]

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