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June 2020

Traveling the World: My Plant-based Diet


It turns out that my plant-based diet is working really well for me. I’ve figured this out after consulting with many health professionals and I’ve seen a lot of interesting stories around the world in this regard. Around the world: A plant-based diet since childhood Can a vegan diet damage your child's health? Social workers in Lewisham believe it can, which is why they tried to take a five-year-old who appeared to have rickets into care. The couple say they don't eat dairy products because asthma runs in the family, but they're not vegans, as social workers claimed, because they do [...]

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How overseas holidays improve your productivity


Ten years ago, I read Tim Ferriss’s book The Four-Hour Work Week which taught me this concept: mini-retirement. That means Tim Ferriss has a few holidays per year; each holiday lasts for several months. This is the most inspiring concept I’ve ever seen. You must rejuvenate yourself regularly. Yes, you read that right. I said “must”, not “should”. Rejuvenation is so key, especially in this day and age when everyone is busy with “busyness”. Indeed, a lot of people get the validation from being busy all the time because being busy makes them look important. Sad but true. But instead of [...]

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Advice for the Ambitious: What to do during your downtime


Ready for something unorthodox? Today I’d like to show you how to make the most of your downtime when you are keen to achieve career success! Leverage your downtime to strategize your career Yes, you’ve been busy all the time and at last, you have some “me time” for yourself. Hence, during your downtime, you can read a book about career advice or take an online program that teaches you how to get your ideal job in record time. Then you will see the transformation in record time. Invest time in yourself now and you will reap the benefits. Your network [...]

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Eat, Love and Travel: Insights into International Tourism


As a gourmet, I’ve studied the food culture around the world, so I think I should totally share some of my thoughts on this blog these days. International travel question: what is the future of our food? How can we feed the 2.5 billion more people – an extra China and India – likely to be alive in 2050? According to the United Nations (UN) food production must be doubled, new technologies adopted, waste avoided. There are already one billion chronically hungry people, climate change will only make farming harder to grow food in most places, the oceans are overfished, and [...]

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