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May 2020

Vegan Food Culture and Global Tourism


I’ve traveled the world already, and I’ve proud of my experiences as well as what I’ve learned along the way. Now I’m a vegetarian officially and I’d like to share my thoughts on this topic today. A new understanding of vegan food after traveling the world: Even as it was unfolding in the first cold days of Veganuary 2019, the launch of the Greggs vegan sausage roll felt like something marketing experts and cultural commentators would be pulling apart for years to come. What is certain is that it was good for Greggs: its profits leapt more than 50%, to £40.6m, [...]

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Rich Culture, Wise People (My International Travel Journal)


Our planet has a rich culture and fascinating history. Please allow me to share my international travel journal with you on this blog. The beauty of Belgium (international travel journal – Entry 1): Flanders, in the European country, Belgium, famed for its medieval cities and motorways that can be seen from space, is one of the most urban corners of Europe. Yet, this densely populated area is seeing a mini-boom in a new type of agriculture where farmers sell direct to consumers. The movement, known as community-supported agriculture, is the antithesis of the sprawling global distribution chains of modern industrial food [...]

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A Fashionista’s Trip to Eastern Europe


As a fashionista, I’ve always wanted to go to Eastern Europe and explore local fashion in the mysterious region. I feel very lucky because I’ve had the chance to make my dream come true! A word about vintage clothes: In my view, vintage clothing is just a way of wearing history (Think Mad Men)! Vintages clothes can be more than secondhand – in fact, they are an art form, a collector’s passion, with a story to tell and sentimental value. Basically, an item isn’t really vintage unless it dates from 1910-1979. Earlier than that, it’s clearly antique; later than that, it’s [...]

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Unforgettable entertainment during an Eastern European trip


I went to Eastern Europe earlier this year and it was a perfect experience! During this very enlightening Eastern European trip, I was thoroughly entertained. Please let me explain. ? I had a movie night every other night. My coach invited me to join a fashion retreat in Eastern Europe and one of the assignments was to see a movie which involves some impressive fashion every other night throughout the retreat. It was a very interesting task because it forced me to have fun (I could become anxious easily and couldn’t relax, so I totally needed that)! I saw these movies [...]

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