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April 2020

A European trip taught me how to be kind to myself


“Don’t be too hard on yourself,” says my best friend Alex, “You have very high expectations and you expect yourself to be perfect often. Just be kind to yourself, okay?” I remember Alex’s words so vividly. But hearing something is one thing; truly understanding it is another. I didn’t fully understand what Alex means until I had a European trip last year. I learned the importance of focusing on my strengths. I’m a naturally quiet person, and I thought that’s my weakness. But when I went to Europe, I realized that I’m a pensive and thoughtful person – that’s actually a [...]

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How to feel fabulous while traveling internationally


Traveling internationally is the most effective mood lifters in the world because it can release endorphins in your body, thereby creating feelings of euphoria, reduces stress, and blocks pain. It is reported that travel and dancing release more endorphins than any other activity! If you can’t go to the gym…. Not every hotel has a gym, so if you can’t go to the gym when you are traveling internationally, ten minutes of deep breaths and stretching makes a difference as well! Inhale for 4 counts, hold it for 6, and breathe out for 8. Repeat 5 times and remember to drop [...]

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Ukraine Travel Agency’sAdvice on Health and Wellbeing


Experts from aUkraine travel agency have kindly offered their helpful advice on how to improve health and wellbeing while traveling in Ukraine. Without further ado, let’s check it out! Travel reduces cortisol efficiently. In modern-day society, many people are highly stressed. Stress increases cortisol which is the stress hormone produced by adrenal glands. Cortisol is a fight-or-flight, life-saving hormone which gets you through acute challenges like danger or infection. It literally changes your physiology in ways that improve short-term survival, e.g. raising blood pressure & increasing heart rate. Cortisol also increases your blood sugar & makes you more alert to give [...]

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Stay Home – Stay Safe


Nowadays the whole world is suffering because of COVID-19. We should be understanding and take care of ourselves and our family.   Thanks, Health Heroes for working all the time to keep us safe from the coronavirus. Nurses, midwives, and health workers are on the COVID-19 frontline. Let's show our gratitude by doing our part and following public health advice. All members of a household with a person with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 should: 1. ✅wash ? with soap and water regularly, especially: after coughing or sneezing; before during and after you prepare food; before and after caring for the ill person; 2.  ✅ avoid unnecessary exposure [...]

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How international travel improves your mental health


A major study in Australia indicates that at least 30% of Australians suffer from mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. Further examination shows that the modern lifestyle in western countries is not really supporting mental health these days (think social media and smartphones). Therefore, a large number of psychologists are recommending various ways to reduce stress, and one of these effective methods is international travel. Travel can cure anxiety disorder, including hypervigilance. According to Professor Kevin Gournay (author of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: Recovery after accident and disaster), physical exercise may cure hypervigilance because exercise burns off arousal. Clearly, international [...]

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