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February 2020

Travel in Europe: Finding My Lifestyle Balance


In most modern western countries, growth and productivity are the ultimate achievements. In other words, these cultures want to make money and then spend money to stimulate further growth and create more wealth. But where is the lifestyle balance when so many people suffer from burnout? Well, research shows that travel is the best way to relax your body and ease your mind, and I’d like to talk about what I’ve learned when I was traveling in Europe. Lifestyle balance equals wellbeing. In our daily life, we always spend too much time doing things because the need to be seen to [...]

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Go to Europe to experience the European elegance


Elegance in Europe is unique. It’s sophisticated, modern and chic. Anna Bey, an elegant woman from Europe, founded the School of Affluence in which she teaches people how to become elegant and level up. Some of her ideas are great, and if you go to Europe, you will witness the following facts as well. On important occasions, there are certain foods that Europeans don’t eat. Let’s say there is an important business meeting and you don’t want to ruin it. Anna Bey suggests that you should never eat the following foods on an important occasion like this. Firstly, you should not [...]

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Living in Eastern Europe…A Letter to Myself


It is reported that writing is a therapeutic activity. For example, Kate Northrup once said, “Writing is such a joyful activity. I’m glad that I can get paid by writing a journal.” Scott Galloway famously said, “I discovered writing recently. I hope I have discovered this therapeutic activity 30 years ago!” Roosh V also said, “For me, writing is a type of meditation.” Clearly, writing is so beneficial; therefore, today I’m going to write a letter to myself. Although its format doesn’t look like a letter, the content in this article is absolutely a letter to myself & hopefully you will [...]

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